Better Together

the only way for any of us to truly succeed is to help others to succeed…

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It was just a few years ago that we (James and Stacy) were in a financial rut, under a mountain of debt, experiencing overwhelming stress, and feeling the weight of the future. What if the car broke down? What if we had an unexpected home repair? Would we be paying off debt for the rest of our lives? What happens when we get old?

While James always provided for our family, old debt kept us in bondage and added stress to almost every area of our lives. We remember feeling stuck, but we’re here to tell you that change is possible—because it happened for us! And we suspect that many of you may be feeling the same way we did…

Have you ever wondered…

“Is there a way to be free from my mountain of debt?”

“Is there a way to experience true purpose, satisfaction, and wellness, while helping others?”

“Can a husband and wife work together, side by side, and experience true oneness in all of life?”

“Can we do more than “get by” – can we really thrive?”

“Is there a way to leave a spiritual and financial legacy for my children?”

The answer is YES! We’ve experienced it, and we are 100% committed to helping those who are serious do the same thing!

Bigger than we Dreamed

People who knew us back then are shocked when they discover that we now run a home-based business (one Stacy started as a side hobby 7 years ago) that now generates over $14,000,000 per year in revenue and supports an organization of over 20,000 people!  We run this business without having to stock inventory, do bookkeeping, ship products, go to “a job,” or worry about a staff!

In fact, our “business” is more like a glorified referral program. We don’t sell products. And our company services our customers while we get to do the fun part: teach people all about wellness, minister to others, inspire and support our team, and help them to succeed in the same way we did!

Again, Stacy started this as a side hobby that morphed into a side business, and then EXPLODED into something bigger than either of us ever dreamed possible!

A real business for real people

And here’s the beauty of it… we built this business around a very active lifestyle, and in the midst of ministry and homeschooling our large family! We have ten children and just as many grandchildren, so life is still full. But it’s also a lot more stress-free!

Financial freedom means you’re not starting over each month, and you don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen if an unexpected bill comes along.

Once we became serious about doing this as a business, we worked together as a couple to build a residual income for our family that has continued to grow and thrive.

A residual income means you build a foundation that continues to grow, based on work you previously invested, and that doesn’t have to be repeated each month the way a retail business does.

Are You Ready to Rock Your World?

We are looking for a few more dedicated leaders to help train for success! This website is all about helping couples find a new way to live. A way of life that is fulfilling, exciting, and inspirational. We are here to help you!

Some may call what we do coaching. We call it investing. Our goal is to invest in you, especially (but not exclusively) those of you who are couples. We have found that the only way for any of us to truly succeed is to help others to succeed!

And if you aren’t married, we are here for you too! Again, our view is that we are ALL “better together.” We have a team of people here to assist you in your personal growth.

Hard work pays off

The benefits of hard work are financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical. So this isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. And where would the satisfaction be in that anyway? Achieving your goals takes work—satisfying, invigorating, fun work— but work nonetheless!

So, if you’re ready to stop making excuses, if you’re willing to let go of the things that have kept you in bondage in order to invest in your future and experience something life changing, we’re here to help!

You’ll find much of the material on this website is free, and it’s our prayer that even these resources will help to inspire success in your life. But, when you join our team, we’ll be able to give you more of our focus, attention, and exclusive resources.

While you may be asking, “What would it cost to join your team?” a better question might be: “How much am I willing to invest to see my life radically changed?” But here’s the great part – your financial investment is only the cost of a starter kit, $160 (a retail value of over $300), and then a minimum $100 per month in wellness products after that.