Don’t be One of “Those” People

One of the biggest fears people have when beginning their network marketing business is the fear of being “that person.” You know…the annoying newby who runs her friends off by splattering hokey “product commercials” all over social media, or by cornering them in the grocery store to interrogate them on why they didn’t show up for her last party.

Just don’t. Seriously, We’d love to hear about what you’re doing, but just be natural. Show us what you’re into by living life—by genuinely communicating why your world is better because of your new passion. We love you and we love that you’re excited about something new, but give us what’s real. Spend more time showing, rather than telling!

Excitement is Contagious!

And don’t be afraid to share about your passion because of “that person” either! Feel free to openly express your excitement for your business by simply being yourself! If you really believe in your product (and you better find one you can be passionate about!), then you’ll have no trouble being genuine!

For those who are afraid of “make money off their friends,” I love your sensitive spirit, but this is only a bad thing if it’s the primary motivation for your friendship (that’s called using people) or if you’re being manipulative or pushy—especially after being told no (1 Corinthians 13:4-5). This would be true with any business.

Seriously, let’s be consistent. Most of us don’t think a thing of visiting various mommy blogs that earn advertising dollars for website hits from other moms. Am I right? Not to mention all the affiliate links! So why do we get worried about asking our own friends to support our business efforts?

I get emails, posts in my Facebook feed, and invitations all the time from friends who are selling things. Usually, I cheer them on! Don’t you?

Honestly, I’m more irritated with invitations to play Candy Crush than I am the efforts of stay-at-home moms attempting to supplement their family’s income.

Social media is a community of friends, but it’s also a community of village shops and services. I’d much prefer to spend my money at the “shops” of my friends and family than on the website of some faceless company. Most of my friends feel the same way.

I’d rather go to the farmer’s market than to the grocery store. I prefer local restaurants, small businesses and boutiques to chains or department stores. And I love it when I see a friend’s daughter peddling her handmade jewelry, knitting, crafts, baked goods, or other wares in an effort to establish a home-based business she can take into marriage. Good for her!

There is nothing wrong and everything right with a wife who sells her goods on Etsy or establishes a network marketing business in an effort to help supplement (or even exceed) her husband’s income, without leaving her home and children.

Bottom line…I like it when healthy relationships propel free enterprise.

I Hate to Sell!

Of course, personally, I prefer network marketing because I hate to sell things. I actually think it’s fun writing and talking about things I’m interested in. I love teaching the benefits of something that helps people, and I love sharing information about what I have tried and love.

I do it all the time. You probably do too. We share recipes, favorite restaurants, healthy food info, mothering tips, good online deals etc. Some of my friends probably remember the quinoa kick I went on when I first discovered this amazing super food! And don’t even get me started on bone broth! I don’t make money from any of these things; I just like talking about what works for me.

This is the way I shared long before I had a business. In fact, for me, my “business” was sort of an accident. I loved my company’s products; and when I saw a friend who had a need, I loved being able to share. And it just took off! Again, I’ve never had to “sell” anything because network marketing is more like a glorified “referral program.” Which is just the way I like it.

Sharing is Caring!

Yes, as our family’s business has grown, it’s become less accidental and more deliberate. Since my husband got involved, and “my business” became “our business,” it has definitely become more strategic and purposeful. This has made it grow exponentially! But we’ve always been very careful to incorporate the following guidelines into how we do business:

  • Be open handed. Share generously with friends and family in need without any sort of expectation in return. (This is honestly the most fun and satisfying part!) If you give only to get, you’ll wind up frustrated with those who turn you down. Don’t set yourself up for this sort of temptation. Decide ahead of time that you don’t expect anything in return and you’ll never be disappointed!
  • Invite people to events, but never question them or make them feel guilty if they decline. Sometimes, I simply post an open invitation on Facebook or on one of our websites. Other times, I’ll pick up the phone or text and invite someone personally, but I always keep in mind why this person will benefit from what I have to share!
  • Make sure to provide some sort of value or benefit to the people attending your event. This could be education, a DIY project, or fun games and gifts. Let them know that they are going to go home richer in some way because of having spent time with you, whether or not they are interested in joining your team.
  • Never resort to “selling” a product. Network marketing is not retail. I don’t have time for retail and I hate sales. Instead, I get to do the fun part: marketing. I talk about and teach about products I already love; and share with others how they’ve impacted my life. Then, when they’re interested, I direct them to my company with my referral number. No sales. No shipping. No quotas. No bookkeeping. NO pressure! I’m excited – they’re excited…and excitement is contagious!

Remember, if you operate your network marketing business by using people, hounding them, or manipulating family and friends, then you’re doing it wrong. Not only will this type of behavior give the rest of us a bad name, you’ll wind up exhausted, and your business won’t be as likely to succeed.

The good news is that, if you are simply passionate about a product or service that has positively impacted your life, if you’re genuine, and if you’re openly excited about what you’re doing, your friends will notice! And once that happens, your job is easy! You’ve created a business where you’re naturally and genuinely sharing your passion. And that feels good.


Stacy McDonald

Stacy McDonald is a Christian mom, grandmommy, author, essential oil enthusiast, hopeless foodie, and highly successful network marketing professional. She loves to invent new recipes, hug her grand babies, work from home with her husband, and relax with her family and friends on their private lake in the country. She’s hooked on fresh herbs, exotic spices, flavored vinegars, and therapeutic grade essential oils. What rocks her world? Her husband, James! What gives her life meaning, joy, and purpose? Jesus!

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