I Said Yes to Opportunity!

Opportunities – they don’t come every day! But, if you’re open to them, willing to evaluate them, and strong enough in your own self confidence to fairly assess if they are a fit for you, they can radically improve your life!

In the past, when business opportunities presented themselves, I often quickly dismissed them. In some ways, I think I couldn’t see past my current situation. I was financially overwhelmed, stressed, and stretched to the breaking point. My response to opportunities was to retreat to my safe place of what I knew – I was a slave to the urgent, chained to my schedule, and too swamped to see a way out.

In 2010, I had a stop-gap idea that would have generated some short-term income for our family, but even that would have meant finding more time and energy for both Stacy and me – something neither of us had to give. If we had pursued my idea, I doubt we would have even been able to finish the project. My wife wasn’t interested, and she would have been vital in completing the project. But her heart was elsewhere.

So, Stacy took the initiative and told me about an opportunity that had been presented to her by a dear family friend who saw our need—even if we didn’t. I initially retreated into my cave of stress and anxiety, refusing to consider if her idea could work.

But, she was persistent, lovingly so, wanting me to join her on a journey she had already begun and was already emotionally invested in—a lifestyle adventure that, though neither of us realized it at the time, would eventually lead us out of the financial bondage we were in, and give us freedom in so many ways.

My involvement was slow at first, but it didn’t take me long to see God was in this and that Stacy’s “hobby” was already improving so many areas of our lives.

So much has changed since then – and for the better! We’re still involved in ministry, still enjoying the satisfaction of helping people with burdens and struggles, still praying and walking beside those in our community and using our gifts of hospitality, but our platform is different.

In fact, through this new opportunity, our outreach has expanded dramatically, since we’re able to minister to and share with people with whom we may never have had a chance to interact with before. We have seen the Gospel become a living reality for those who may never hear a sermon or read a tract.

And, in the midst of it all, our stress levels have fallen just as dramatically as our outreach has expanded! Due to the stress reduction, financial freedom, and because we have put into practice what we now do and teach about, our health has drastically improved! We’re no longer dependent on products we used to think we couldn’t live without—products that were, in reality, destroying our health.

So, now we share our life-changing story—our lifestyle change—with anyone who will listen. And when we do, if some don’t seem to hear us, we try to remember our own previous limitations and frustrations—anxieties that at times blinded us too. But, we still share. And, we do it out of thankfulness to God for directing our path, and because it’s our goal to help as many people as we can find the same life-changing freedom we found.

Are you ready to change your life? Want to join us?


James McDonald

James McDonald is a Christian husband, father, minister, entrepreneur, conference speaker, and network marketing professional. His passion is helping others find success in every area of life. And, he is blessed to be able to live out this passion alongside his best friend, business partner, and lover - Stacy.

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